State championship dreams crushed

Reilly Dillon

The ride for the girls’ soccer team came to a sudden stop on Oct. 28 when they could not manage to answer Chisago Lake’s only goal and ended up losing the first game of the state tournament 1-0. Despite this loss, the game was nothing less than all it was hyped up to be — exciting on both sides of the ball.

Scoreless through the first half, about ten minutes into the second half Ashlee Ricci for the Wildcats got her own rebound and put the ball in the back of the net. “The defense did everything right. We just got unlucky but you know, that’s soccer,” said junior goalkeeper Mikayla Coulombe.

During the game, the girls’ team dominated and controlled the ball for a majority of the time. They out shot the Wildcats 20 to 3. Clearly having the chances to respond to the Wildcats’ goal, they just could not capitalize.

Assistant coach James Cave believed the girls were capable of winning this game and hopefully a few more. “When we play our best, we are the best. We can’t be beat, if we play our game,” said Mr. Cave.

This game was the second time these two teams met on the field. The Red Knights ended up on top in the last match, defeating the Wildcats 2-1. “Last time we played them we consider it one of our worst games, but if we can connect as a team there’s no way we’ll lose,” said Coulombe.

The girl’s soccer team was undefeated coming into this game, with only one tie on their entire season. “It’s been the most amazing season. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with any other group of girls, and I couldn’t have asked for a more talented team to play on. It’s been an honor, and as Scott would say, ‘We’re all in this together!’” said Coulombe.