Classic American cuisine with a sophisticated twist

Jessica Nolan, staff writer

At the Edina Grill, smiling and personable staff welcome customers at the door along with the inviting smells of fresh bread, sweet potato fries, and warm grilled cheese which quickly drift to your nose. The reasonably priced menu makes this neighborhood grill a great choice for a family night out.

After customers are seated, the menu becomes more overwhelming because of the variety of entrees, and “odds and sods” (appetizers). Choosing the first part of the meal should be easy because sweet potato fries “just like grandma used to make” stand out on the menu. The salty yet sweet crispy perfection of the fries is topped off by the unique chipoltle-pesto ketchup which tastes just as good as it sounds.

Choosing an entree is more difficult, abut luckily every choice offers its own unique potential. One example is the classic fish and chips on the menu are worthy of any true Australian diner. The perfectly crispy, beer-battered, and tender fish strips––accented with a hint of malted vinegar and lemon sauce––makes them irresistible.

The customer favorite, the turkey burger, was voted Best in the Twin Cities and never disappoints. This traditional turkey burger contains the quirky combination of peanuts, jalapenos, onions, garlic, and curry seasonings with pepper jack cheese on top which adds welcome heat to a classic American favorite. In addition, the traditional sun-dried tomato sauce with a strong-shock of garlic makes these savory spaghetti and meatballs another great option.

Saving room for dessert should be mandatory, but choosing the deserts themselves presents a challenge. The perfectly done warm bread pudding with raisins inside––enveloped in warm caramel-cinnamon sauce and topped with fresh whip-cream––is a dessert worth fighting over.

The Edina Grill is owned by the Blue Plate Restaurant Company, which also owns similar neighborhood restaurants such as Highland Grill, Groveland Tap, Longfellow’s Grill, and Three Squared Restaurant. The atmosphere at all of them remains as different as their surroundings, but the menu provides the same varied options at reasonable prices from ranging from $7 (appetizers) to $15 (fresh salmon).

The classic American cuisine with a sophisticated twist makes the Edina Grill a great place for lunch after shopping at the nearby 50th and France avenue boutiques or a casual Sunday dinner with the family.