With approximately six locations throughout the Twin Cities area, SmashBurger may claim to be one of the best burger joints in town. Equipped with lightning-fast service, a relaxed atmosphere, and food that completely satiates hunger for a reasonable price, SmashBurger recreates the traditional American hamburger into a classy meal ready to impress anyone.

With a menu that contains more than just burgers, SmashBurger serves chicken sandwiches and crisp or tangy salads that contribute to its reputation as a crowd-pleaser. Together, this wide variety of meals makes SmashBurger less of just a hamburger joint and more of a restaurant that offers multiple specialties.

Offering six house burgers and the possibility to create one from scratch ? with options that range from adding extra cheese to a fried egg ? the variety of burgers available seems endless. However, their original take on food includes more than burgers; their signature SmashChicken sandwiches come with just as many options and equal satisfaction.

Their sides also enhance the meal, especially the SmashFries?thin potato fries covered in rosemary and herbs that give the traditional burger and fries meal a spin on the wild side. However, taking into account that rosemary fries might not satisfy everyone, they also offer traditional fries and veggie frites?flash fried asparagus, green beans and carrots?that truly leave mouths craving more.

Like every traditional burger joint, SmashBurger offers an array of milkshakes to accompany the meal, only these milkshakes and malts represent the creme de la creme, made of Häagen-Dazs specialties. They come in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or Oreo flavors, each so creamy that they provide reason enough to drop into SmashBurger.

Of all the specialties on the menu, no one should overlook the spicy baja burger. A whopping 1/3 pound or 1/2 pound patty slapped on a chipotle bun, covered with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, guacamole and freshly-sliced jalapeno peppers, the spicy baja leaves the tongue sizzling.

Though all the items on the menu offer one-of-a-kind taste, they do not feign to be a healthy dinner. The classic burger boasts approximately 1010 calories, and by the time the drink and “SmashSide” are added, it becomes obvious that eating here should not become a regular activity. Regardless, no one should miss the chance to eat one of the best burgers in town.