Locker rooms need renovation

Maddy Kennedy

I have many fond memories from being a student at BSM, in fact, many of these come from participating in sports. Sadly, there is a price that must be paid if you are a female who participates in sports at BSM: using the girls’ locker room.

When walking into the locker room, the first thing that one notices is the smell. The stench of body odor and mold-covered gym socks practically attacks those who enter this dim room lit by depressing fluorescent lights.

The locker room lacks basic necessities, namely stalls for the toilets/bathrooms. While many locker rooms at other schools have opted for the always popular and trendy usage of stalls, BSM decided to go with something completely different: purple curtains. These free swinging, make-shift doors have led to many awkward encounters over the years.

One of bathroom stalls is awkwardly small. In fact, any student that is over four-and-a-half feet tall will most likely have the greater portion of her legs sticking out from the curtain.

The showers are not even close to being usable. Much like the bathrooms, the showers lack the basic privacy needed for one to take a shower because there are no curtains. Despite the fact that these showers are cleaned every day, they look as if they haven’t been cleaned in years. There is dried shampoo on the floor, wads of gum in the corners, broken shower heads, and an overall appearance that is vaguely reminiscent of the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

Many people have given up on using these showers all together. Instead, the showers often become a storage location for various student belongings, such as backpacks, athletic bags, and even the occasional bike.

I acknowledge that the locker rooms have been successfully serving their purpose as a storage location for the students over the years, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right to keep them looking so disheveled. I’m not asking for anything crazy, but it would be nice if we could replace the showers and put in stalls for the bathrooms. At a bare minimum, at least plug in an air freshener.