Animal bags on backs of seniors

Nate Muckley

Because of the new no backpack policy this year, there are no backpacks to be seen in the halls of Benilde-St. Margaret’s. But if you know where to look you just might find something else riding on the backs of two senior boys––animals.

The boys in question are Charlie Kennedy and Kenny Polarek. And their animals aren’t live. In response to this year’s no backpack policy, Kennedy and Polarek purchased small, plush animal backpacks to carry their extra supplies.

Polarek, sporting a backpack that looks like a golden retriever puppy, had few words to describe its appearance. “It’s a soft, furry dog,” said Polarek.

Although most students would see carrying around an extra bag during the school day a nuisance, he doesn’t see it that way. “I love every second of it,” said Polarek.

Kennedy decided to buy a plush sea turtle instead of a dog. He bought the bag for its looks, and like Polarek, its comfort. “It’s a soft turtle, it stares at people,” said Kennedy.

Comfort, not practicality, is the primary benefit of his backpack. “I chose it for comfort and its ability [to be used] as a pillow,” said Kennedy. Along with his pens, calculator, and cell phone, he also keeps a t-shirt in his sea turtle bag––for extra cushion––when he uses it as a pillow.

Kennedy, like Polarek, enjoys carrying around his plush turtle backpack––he describes it as being all-around enjoyable.

As much as these two boys enjoy their new backpacks, they don’t want anyone else to get one, as it would become a fad, and then their bags wouldn’t be special. When asked if he would recommend other students carrying around animal backpacks, Polarek responded negatively. “Absolutely not, it’s part of my individuality… And I don’t want it to get banned,” said Polarek.