Football team welcomes eight new seniors

Paige Erickson

BSM football players have grown up with the treacherous August two-a-days, the muddy pads, and the countless tackles, but these seasonal occurrences have just begun to take place for eight senior boys.

Two weeks before school started, the boys spent the rest of their summer mornings on the BSM turf. The first sign of the long, but enjoyable, season of football ahead started off with two-a-days that began at 10 a.m. After making it through the first two weeks of practice, they were officially varsity football players.

Throwing the pigskin around has been a part of some of the athletes’ lives before senior year. “I was the star of my elementary recess team,” said senior linebacker and punter for the Red Knights, Taylor Topousis.

Playing previously as freshmen, Dan Pemberton and Colin Gallaher committed to another, and final season of football. Gallaher, who played cornerback his freshman year, put his name back on the roster to have fun and to be on a good team.

Other players joined the team to play with some of the greatest athletes in the history of Benilde-St. Margaret’s football. “[I] played for the kids on the team, and to be able to witness first hand what Myles Barnes does on the field,” said senior wide receiver Gregory Zeman.

The boys’ first game was Thursday, September 2, against Cooper, and the Red Knights came out on top with a 41-12 win. Not only was this the first official season game (having played a few scrimmages before), but this was also the first home game on the new turf. “Walking onto the turf felt great,” said Topousis.

Compared to hockey, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse, which are the other sports these boys play, football is on a completely different playing field. “[It is] a different experience than I have ever had before,” said senior Henry Williams.

With eight games, not including sections, these boys are ready for a busy season. “I’m excited for Friday nights,” said Williams. One big game on the schedule is against St. Louis Park, which will be on Friday, October 1 at St. Louis Park’s home turf. “Rivalry games are the most fun,” said Williams.

These boys seem to be taking to football as if they have been playing this game their whole high school careers. “I love [it] so much that when it ends I just want to stay out on that turf,” said senior Michael Blessing.