Red Knights trounced by Eagles

Reilly Dillon

The Benilde-St. Margaret’s football team had a tough match-up losing 56-6 to Totino-Grace on Friday, September 15. The Red Knights came out with a roaring spirit and enormous support from the fans, but after many mistakes, the enthusiasm quickly diminished.

The Red Knights came out with a good start to their first drive. It quickly turned into a interception by Totino-Grace which led to a touchdown for the Eagles.

The lack of communication from the defensive backs caused them to collide in the second quarter, allowing the Eagles to score one of many touchdowns. Just minutes later, the Red Knights failed to produce on offense, giving up six more points.

In the first half BSM threw three interceptions and had one fumble. They tried to get their offense running but it never fell into place. “[We were] trying our best to get what we could get but their defense was just spectacular on a night our offense wasn’t at our best,” said junior slot receiver and cornerback Javon Snelson.

The Red Knights finally punched in a touchdown in the fourth quarter when Tyler Nelson found the end zone on a 1- yard run. “It felt great to finally put some points on the board instead of being beaten 56 to nothing,” said Snelson.

This touchdown ended the shutout, but ultimately the Eagles were too much for BSM. The Red Knights will play St. Francis this Friday, September 17 at 7 p.m. “Totino-Grace has provided us [with] a chip on our shoulder. We now have a lot to prove. We’ve had a great week of practice,” said senior linebacker and offensive lineman Kevin Greening, “expect us to go 110 percent for four quarters. Expect us to win.”