“Anything Goes” for the play

Kate Schumacher

Students know it is time for another spring musical when all the drama kids are filled with excitement, when singing fills the hallways or classrooms, and when the clicking of tap shoes are heard during after school hours.

The spring play, “Anything Goes,” has worked to produce an entertaining and talented show. The director, Marilee Mahler, didn’t cut one person, which made for a bigger cast and more dedication from the performers. “We rehearse about three to four hours a day. There are about sixty performers, with two acts, and seven to eight scenes per act. This is one of the most joke-filled plays yet,” said junior Jack Tift, who plays the captain.

The “Anything Goes” book was written by Guy Bolton about a love triangle and the struggles between higher and lower class families. “This play is basically the same as the Titanic, minus the sinking. Basically Billy [Ben Zeman] falls in love with a girl of a high class family,” said Tift.

This play has high expectations, because it’s the first time an underclassman was given the main role. “At first when I read that I was given the main role, I thought it was a joke, and then once it sunk in I started freaking out,” said sophomore Ben Zeman, who plays the main character Billy.

Zeman fits his character perfectly, because of their similar characteristics. “Billy is crazy and awkward, he doesn’t care what others think about him, and is driven by love. Playing Billy comes natural to me, because I can be really crazy myself at times,” said Zeman.

Zeman has been practicing extremely hard in order to master his role. “I have been running lines a lot and also practicing dances,” said Zeman.

Cast members are excited that a younger student was given such an important role in “Anything Goes.” “It’s cool a sophomore was given the main role. I found it surprising that such a young kid can get the lead role,” said senior Claire Leiter, who plays one of the four angels.

There has been a great amount of preparation to make this play the best one it can be. “There is a lot of dancing and singing. To prepare, I’ve even started singing in the shower to make my voice stronger,” said Tift.

Some directors or choreographers make looking forward to rehearsal easier than others. “It depends who’s directing that day. Bridget, the choreographer, is really fun to rehearse with,” said Claire Leiter.

Performers are becoming more anxious as the days pass. More excitement is built up each day as it gets closer to the performance night. “‘Anything Goes’ is probably the funniest play we’ve ever done. There’s a lot of humor and jokes for the audience,” said Tift.