Hertzenberg already level-eight gymnast

Margaret Miller

Adding flips and twists to complex and counter-gravity tricks, Steph Hertzenberg, sophomore, participates in level-eight gymnastics and has been a gymnast since she was just two years of age.

Because BSM does not have a gymnastics team, Hertzenberg practices and represents North Shore Gymnastics and is constantly competing. Even though she does her sport outside of school, students are still aware of her activeness in the sport. “I think a lot of people know I do gymnastics,” said Hertzenberg, “some people call me Shawn Johnson.”

With such an intense sporting event, Hertzenberg must fully dedicate herself and her schedule to gymnastics. “It’s a big time commitment. I work out five days a week for 3-4 hours at a time, and I have competitions on the weekends,” said Hertzenberg, “I also have practice year round.”

Because of her dedication, Hertzenberg is able to travel to different places and compete in the “all around” competition. “I get to travel out of state for competitions,” said Hertzenberg,”[I] won ‘all around’ at a meet in Texas. All around [is a] combined total of your scores for all four events–vault, beam, floor and bars.”

Looking into the future, Hertzenberg hopes to continue with gymnastics. “My goals are to keep doing gymnastics in high school and do it in college too,” said Hertzenberg.