Silikowski’s got talent

Margo Graff

Escorted into a room with three producers and a number of other contestants, freshman Christine Silikowski got a chance to impress the crowd with her singing talents as she hoped to make it on “Americas Got Talent.”

Traveling with the choir to Orlando, Florida February 11-14, Silikowski had the perfect opportunity to attend the “America’s Got Talent” audition. Silikowski wanted to utilize her time in Florida so Silikowski’s mom went along on the trip so she could take her to the audition on Saturday morning. “It was really nice how it worked out that the audition was the same day the choir was at an amusement park all day so I could go,” said Silikowski.

After arriving at 5 am, Silikowski waited outside of the Loews Resort for two and and half hours until she finally got to go inside, where she handed in her paperwork and received her number.

“The producers had no emotions on their faces and said nothing so it was hard to tell what they thought, but I thought I did really well,” said Silikowski. Taking singing lessons twice a week for two years, Silikowski has been working hard at perfecting “Think of Me” from the “Phantom Of The Opera.”

“My voice lesson teacher said I couldn’t sing it until I was eighteen because I wasn’t mature enough, but I wanted to do that song,” said Silikowski.

Silikowski has acted in numerous plays including “School House Rock” and BSM’s “Seussical” and a local community theater’s “I Like Me,” that have prepared her for auditioning for the show. “I have never done something like this before, but I have auditioned for lots of plays and had a few main roles and those experiences really helped me,” said Silikowski, “I was nervous though because if I didn’t start out on the right note then I would be off on my high notes.”

Getting the chance to appear in two promo commercials for the up and coming show, meeting Nick Cannon and meeting a George Bush impersonator were the highlights of the trip for Silikowski. Now, all Silikowski has to wait and see if she gets a call to move forward and return to Orlando to perform in front of the judges.