Emma Peterson — Sophomore Transfer

Annalisa Huge

KE: What grade are you in and where did you go before BSM?
EP: I’m a sophomore, and I went to Blake.

KE: Why did you leave Blake?
EP: I was sick of Blake. I have been there since I was four and I didn’t like knowing everyone and everyone knowing me.

KE: Why did you pick BSM?
EP: BSM is a little bigger but it is not as big as public schools. It was the right size.

KE: Was it hard to transfer mid-year?
EP: It was pretty difficult, but I met a lot of people early on so that helped.

KE: What do you think of BSM?
EP: It’s really great, there are a lot of different people and there really aren’t cliques. I really like my classes too.

KE: What are some of the differences between Blake and BSM?
EP: There are more people here and they have a different class schedules.