The Evolution of Michael Buble

Kate Schumacher

Over the past years Michael Bublé’s talent for music has significantly grown. Now when someone says “Michael Bublé” people turn there heads with the reaction of excitement. Bublé has become an extremely popular artist over the years by creating new and better albums. He started on the bottom of the charts and worked his way by his talent for singing jazz and contemporary pop music.

Bublé released his latest and most popular song, “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” this past fall. With “Crazy Love” once again, Bublé has created an irresistible album where listeners will have no choice but to sing and dance along. “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” is sung with much stronger and solid notes, which emphasize his voice and also add a sense of Frank Sinatra with a classy tone.

If it weren’t for albums in the past created by Bublé, his newest album “Crazy Love” wouldn’t have reached listeners’ expectations. Without his past songs, the building of his jazz and pop would be irrelevant in his latest album, since “Crazy Love” is a mixture of both.

Bublé first gained widespread approval with 2005’s hit, “Home” on the album, “It’s Time.” This song gives off a calm and soothing vibe by having a soft piano play in the background. “Home” is a message of missing the one you love and wanting to go home in order to cure the loneliness inside yourself. Since the production of “Home,” Bublé has formed a more relaxed tune throughout his songs, in which those ideas were transferred into his newer songs on the album “Crazy Love.”

Following “Home,” Bublé produced a more up-beat and cheerful song “Everything.” Released on October 9, 2009, “Everything” plays a melody of happiness, as Bublé speaks about one person meaning everything to him. This song has a mixture of both jazz and pop; with this Bublé forms his talent of producing one song with two genres. This helped contribute towards the production of songs in the album “Crazy Love.”

Not only is Bublé famous for his catchy pop creations, but he has also formed a whole new style of jazz, best displayed in “Heartache Tonight.” Throughout this song, Bublé is accompanied by the trumpet, trombone, and saxophone, adding to the jazz of his cheerful and engaging singing voice. “Heartache Tonight” was released off of his newest album, and throughout this song Bublé resonates his deep voice.

Because of Bublé’s ability to create music in multiple genres, he has rightfully made it to the top of the music charts in the past year. Bublé’s talent for music continues to grow, while he expresses true desire in succeeding even more as an artist. His meaningful albums along with his catchy and harmonizing songs demonstrate his musical talent today.