Trespassing trash

Margaret Miller

With massive construction projects taking place on the fields of BSM, two large dumpsters populate the back street area. One St. Louis Park man was found to be trespassing on BSM private property and dumping his trash into these very dumpsters.

Security guard, Jon Pachkofsky, was notified before Christmas break that a man was using the BSM dumpsters as his own trash can. “There was all sorts of furniture in there,” said Pachkofsky, “things like broken windows and tiles as well.”

The dumpsters that BSM rents are quite costly and are necessities for workers. Paying for a full dumpster costs around $300-$400 dollars, which BSM was not wanting to pay for.

After seeing this, Pachkofsky decided to do some investigating. “Everyone leaves something behind in the trash,” said Pachkofsky, “we found a box with an old name on it dated back to 1973.”

The house address is 2636 Douglass, yet there was no record of a man matching the name on the box. Finding the house wasn’t difficult, but finding the owner proved to be much more work.

No one was currently living in the home, due to the remodeling taking place in order to sell. After contacting the police, the current owner was able to be identified. “We told him that we had him on camera. He confessed pretty fast after that,” said Pachkofsky.

With possible fines of both littering and trespassing, which can reach up to $500 each, the man had to either take this case in a legal direction, or simply remove all of his trash from the back dumpsters. “He was embarrassed,” said Pachkofsky “I stayed and watched as he took it all out.”