Christian service project evokes interest in Diana Hurley

Emily Beh

When bulky school projects are assigned, many students’ first reactions are usually a symphony of groans and an instant I’ll-do-it-but-I-won’t-like-it mindset. But for junior Diana Hurley, just the opposite is true.

As a part of a Service Learning project, Hurley has decided to spend one and a half to two hours every Monday knitting with elderly women at the Sunrise Assisted Living Center in Minnetonka, and the experience so far has been surprisingly positive.

Sitting in a knitting circle with a bunch of grannies may sound terribly boring to some, but Hurley has made some friends who share their stories with her. “My favorite woman is named Roberta. She’s so nice and tells me all her stories about World War II. She used to transport soldiers in her tractor during the war,” said Hurley.

“Everyone else [in the class] did [projects based on] serving the poor, but I decided I would like to go to a nursing home,” said Hurley about her out-of-the-ordinary idea.

Sunrise Assisted Living Center is a senior center with a special focus on memory loss and Alzheimer’s patients. “Whenever I go there, they’ve forgotten who I am,” said Hurley.

Hurley has been going to Sunrise for several weeks and plans to continue. “It’s very convenient for me because Sunrise is close to my house. I really like going there.”