Peck returns to wrestle

Kate Schumacher

Alex Peck returns to the BSM wrestling team this year after a year away at Jefferson High School and is excited to take part in the newly improved BSM wrestling team.

Although Peck is happy to wrestle with his team again, he was sad to leave because of the great season Jefferson had last year, placing third at the state tournament. Peck was disappointed to leave Jefferson, but had no choice, because his wrestling team at Jefferson had been eliminated. “I was left without a program, most of the team was at Kennedy and the MN State High school league was against two team’s being combined, which canceled off the Jefferson team,” said Peck.

However, Peck is not frustrated about his return; in fact, he is looking forward to many new improvements the wrestling team has added. “At first I was dreading coming back, but now that the team has made new advancements like the new room, more kids coming out, the co-op with Mounds Park Academy, I am happy to be back with the team,” said Peck.

Aside from these new changes, Peck is looking forward to competing with the state-place-worthy team mates. “Nick Tourville, Justin Frey, and Jared Oftendal, will have amazing seasons as well as the other improving wrestlers,” said Peck

According to Peck his time on the Bloomington Jefferson team was a much more energetic and stern attitude than his previous two years on the BSM’s team. “Jefferson was a lot of fun to be on a more competitive team and more fun to be wrestling for a school that took the sport seriously,” said Peck.

In the year that Peck has been at Jefferson, the BSM wrestling team has made several changes. “The old team forced me to make a decision I was not fully happy about, but the new team is one-hundred times better than before,” said Peck.

Expanding on that, Peck was worked hard while on the Jefferson team and thought he had become a better wrestler. “I have improved in the last year a lot, because the practices were tougher and there were a lot more practice partners to wrestle with,” said Peck.

Not only does Peck think he’s improved, but Nick Tourville, also on the BSM wrestling team a senior captain, believes Peck has improved while attending Jefferson. “Alex [Peck] has improved because he was wrestling with the elite wrestlers at Jefferson,” said Tourville.

Peck transferring to Bloomington Jefferson High School greatly harmed the BSM team, as they lost a captain and one of their best wrestlers. “Alex [Peck] leaving was a big loss for our team,” said Tourville.

Peck returning to BSM wrestling only adds more skill and talent to the team. “I’m very glad Alex came back, he improves our chances of going to state and succeeding. We have a good team this year, and Alex will help our team only by adding leadership and is more experienced coming from Jefferson,” said Tourville.

Keeping this in mind, the BSM wrestling team could do extremely well this year and Peck and Tourville have a chance at going to state again with all the talent that has been added to the team. “The team should win a lot of matches and individuals should win a lot of matches too,” said Peck. “I predict five individual state entrants, maybe more you never know. We have a great coach who could help some improve to reach that level.”

Peck has confidence that this season will be one of the better ones. “It will be the best season for this team in 10 years, and the coaching staff at BSM will match the great coaching staff I had at Jefferson,” said Peck.