Meredith Gallagher — Twin Cities Scene Online Editor

Meredith Gallagher -- Twin Cities Scene Online Editor

In an effort to break away from the constant comparison of her twin sister, Meredith decided to join the Knight Errant staff and see her name in print. A constant insomniac due to her constantly haunted house, Meredith Gallagher holds the current world record for staying awake, reading Huckleberry Finn, and watching Pride & Prejudice simultaneously. Meredith started a Trail Mix Fan club at the age of eight, her most honored and prestigious position at BSM. Her greatest aspiration in life is to be the second Jane Goodall, living with the chimps in deep forests of South Africa, never to be heard of again. To pursue her chimp passion, Meredith has decided to take time off from Journalism next year, graduating early to study with the world’s most renowned Chimp-tologists.