Emily Busch — Staff Writer

Emily Busch -- Staff Writer

Half fairy-tale princess, half farm hick, staff writer Emily Busch leads the romanticized life that every teenage girl dreams of.  Born the only child of the king and queen of Genovia, Emily ran away at the age of twelve in hopes of living a more ‘normal’ life. Arriving in America, the young runaway consulted many citizens on the busy streets of New York, seeking the plainest, quietest, most non-eventful land in all of the U.S. The land she heard to be all of these wonderful things and more was a faraway, mystical, magical land called northern Iowa. Settling down at the mature age of thirteen, Emily often found herself dancing in the rain and frolicking in the vast cornfields, her long Genovian dress swishing around her bare ankles.  Whether it’s tending to her tropical greenhouses that fill only five acres of her property, or taking care of her pigs and the random neighbor kids, Emily’s motherly heart and general jovial joyfulness gets her through each day.  Now at age sixteen, she writes for the Knight Errant, never actually attending school, but sending all of her articles via a rainbow unicorn (long story)… and although she loves to read and write, her true love is for driving her rusty red truck, her long dress train – caught in the car door – flapping in the wind.