Former BSM hockey player now US Olympic team member

Margaret Miller

The Olympic Games are the most intense, competitive and popular event this world knows, and Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School has an alum who has a chance at participating.

Rachael Drazan (’04) is currently trying out to be a member of the USA Women’s Olympic Hockey Team for the 2010 Olympic in Vancouver. This year the games will be from February 12 to February 28.

She is now one of the 23 options of potential team members. “She looked like one of the stronger ones,” said Coach Dave Herbst, a current BSM girl’s hockey coach who was able to watch parts of the tryouts. “They cut from 40 girls down to 23.”

Rachael has been playing hockey since a young age. At the age of six, Rachael realized her love for the sport. “I remember going to my brother’s  games all the time thinking I would love this game, ” said Drazen. “To this day I am glad my mom and dad took the chance and let me play.”
If Drazan is able to make the Olympic team for the games in 2010, she most likely will be able to hold her spot there for future Olympics. Herbst said, “Some of the girls have played in the Olympics before, so she would have a chance of playing again.”