Annalisa Huge — Staff Writer

Annalisa Huge -- Staff Writer

Jumping out of planes, going undercover and being fluent in over 100 different languages are just a few things Annalisa Huge has gotten used to while working for the C.I.A. Pretending to be a 17 year old student, on the other hand, is one of the harder things in her life. Not many people know this but Annalisa is a 40 year old man, having to shave her back, beard, and belly everyday before school and going undercover as a student; Annalisa is trying to uncover one of the best hidden secrets of Benilde-St. Margarets: how the cookies are so addicting. While researching the cookies Annalisa has fallen under the addictive spell as well. So for now we will never know what Sara puts in the cookies.