Danielle Kincs — Staff Writer

Danielle Kincs -- Staff Writer

Princess Danielle Kincs was banished from her Northern Siberian village after she refused to abide by the rules of King Wllatoonso. Deliberately rebuking the ways of the chimpanzee eyeball worshiping clan along with refusing to marry the prince of cow intestines, Prince Intelarninub, the colony got fed up with her unconventional ways and threw her out. With nowhere to go, Danielle trudged through Russia and on the way was appointed leader of the Shligknows who had predestined her arrival 7 years before. Together with the Shligknows she time-traveled to ancient Greece where she was trained by the famous philosopher Plato. A life-changing vision came to Danielle telling her to come back to the 21st century where it would be her calling to read the mysterious signs of the mosquito buzzes. Reluctantly she bid goodbye to the Shligknows and came back to the year 2009. She now fulfills her vision during the Minnesota summers, but in the meantime is training to become a professional dog whistler.