Student council executive board chosen

Devon Fitzgerald & Kate Baldwin

As the school year comes to a close, preparations for next year are already being made, starting with elections for the new Executive Board.

The new leaders of Benilde- St. Margaret’s were caught by surprise upon hearing of their victory announced during homeroom on Wednesday, April 29. “I was shocked,” said new president, junior Ryan Quinlivan. “Somebody just came up to me and congratulated me, I hadn’t heard that I won because I was in the AP meeting at the time of the announcement,” he said.

Quinlivan, along with the rest of the Executive Board, has already started to make plans for student council next year. “We want to do more than just plan dances. We want to play a bigger role for students,” said Quinlivan.

Next year’s vice president, junior Kelsey Jacobson, agrees. “Already, Ryan and I have been talking about having meetings this summer to discuss future ideas such as weekly meetings starting next fall,” said Jacobson.

Other new officers include junior Katie McKeever as Commissioner of Publicity, junior Ian Hamilton as Secretary, and freshman Simon Gondeck as Commissioner of Student Activities. “I want to do good things,” said Gondeck.

As Commissioner of Publicity, McKeever wants to increase BSM school spirit. “I want to make the school more spirited, to have more weeks like Homecoming, because that is really the only week people participate in,” she said.

She also plans to bring the school together. “[Executive Board] is going to try to get more people to attend more sports games. They’re a lot of fun so we want even the freshmen to go to all the varsity games,” said McKeever.

Hamilton is also ready for his job as the new secretary. “My job is to record what goes on during the student council meetings–– the decisions that are made, what happened––so that we can look back later on if we need to,” he said.

Although excited, Hamilton knows that there is a lot of work involved with being on the Executive Board. “[Ideas] are forming. I’ll work on them over the summer,” said Hamilton, “Don’t worry, I can be depended upon.”

Though the Executive Board elections are over, the senior, junior, and sophomore class elections are coming up. “I encourage everyone to run,” said Quinlivan. “There are a lot of students who can help make the school great, and I think that’s going to make Student Council phenomenal next year,” he said.