Sarah Koller — Twin Cities Scene Editor

Sarah Koller -- Twin Cities Scene Editor

There is something slightly off about Sarah Koller, the pronounced canines, the occasional growl, the hunger for extremely rare meat, Sarah Koller is not fully human, she is a reverse werewolf. Long thought extinct, she is one of the last of her breed in North America (their numbers are still strong in most of eastern and northern Europe and into Russia, numbers are also still high in Alaska). A reverse werewolf is the exact opposite of a regular werewolf, it is a wolf that turns human during the full moon, preying on other wolves with its opposable thumbs and ability to use a gun. She lives a life in the shadows, not being accepted by either specie, just trying to live and control her disease. She places subliminal messages throughout the Knight Errant in an attempt to sway the human community to accept her.