Elizabeth Tiffany — News Editor

Elizabeth Tiffany -- News Editor

Elizabeth Tiffany was born a genius. At age two she was an official member of MENSA, the society for people with high I.Q.’s, and was having regular discussions with Stephen Hawking about her “Yarn Theory” of the universe. By age four she was bored of physics and quantum mechanics and moved to music, composing six symphonies in a two month period, then she became bored of music. She moved from topic to topic, dominating whatever field she chose until she actually ran out of things to learn; she literally knew everything. Tiffany didn’t know what else to do, all of the mysteries of the universe were unraveled in front of her and she was bored. Evolution, time travel, the future, none of it could hold her interest any longer. Tiffany now hovers in a low orbit in a space craft of her own design, she says she will only come back down when the Earth faces a real problem. Until that time, most of her contact with Earth comes in the form of an occasional dispatch down to the Knight Errant of her recent thoughts.