iTunes Genius not so genius

griffin muckley

Perhaps iTunes Genius edition should think twice before calling itself a genius; at best it is a B+ honors student.  Apple has been bragging about the two newest additions to it’s already popular software: its ability to suggest songs you may like that you do not already have and the ability to generate a playlist of songs you already have based on any given selected song from your library.

The latter does come in handy for those who are so out of touch with their own musical library that they can’t take fifteen minutes to create their own playlist.  An issue did arise for me when Genius couldn’t create a playlist using a number of songs from lesser known artists.  Genius does do a good job, however, of creating a list of songs that, for only 99 cents a pop, I can discover if I like or not.

If there is one thing iTunes Genius is good at, it’s getting unwary users to spend even more substantial sums of money than they already do, otherwise it’s the same old iTunes.  I will admit though, it’s a pretty good trick considering it is a free download from