The tragedy of the lost phone

Jen Deglmann

I walked into class with my spidey sense tingling. It was like I knew my extra limb was missing, my jacket felt lighter, I felt disconnected from the world. Like I was never going to receive a text again.

In disbelief (and honestly, shear terror,) I reached into my right pocket waiting to touch the thing I consider to be more important than my life. “Where is it?” I’m actually pretty sure I said that out loud.

I can describe exactly where I was at what time period my life was changed. In between fourth and fifth hour, in Mr. Wallestad’s room, (the right quadrant, to be exact), I lost my phone.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s should probably consider installing a siren system for when this happens. Instead of code red, green, yellow, it would be code missing-phone! I would wear a beeper like the old people do who fall and can’t get up. Easy access to an all school search at my finger tips.

Panic set in quickly. I told everyone around me, even people I didn’t know. “Have you seen my phone?” I asked a little bug on the floor. But even he didn’t seem to know.

Instead of being patient and assuming it would turn up, I immediately ran to the main desk and put an announcement in. You may have heard it several times: Attention, a black voyager Verizon phone has been lost. Please return to the main desk.

After a whole day went by, I came to the conclusion that my phone had either been thrown away in the garbage or been taken by a half human half horse to Narnia. As I imagined Charles wasting my minutes (that’s what I would name my humanhorse…), I wanted to cry.

My last resort was investigating the scene of the crime where I had last used my phone, Mr. Effertz’s class. I literally re-enacted my exact movements of the previous day, and I may have told people to watch.

Sneakily, Brenden Rooney had been watching me, for lack of a better word, freak out. First, he told me to take the binder I was sitting on out from under me. I thought it was weird but I did so. Then I saw him sigh as he realized I hadn’t noticed anything else. I slowly looked down and found a note: “20 dollar ransom for your phone.”

Are you serious? Who the heck thinks this is funny! My life is upside down! I stared at the note, and looked at Brenden. He literally looked like he could care less, he had a mischievous grin on and waited for me to react. Well, I half wanted to hug him, half wanted to kick him.

But let me tell you, walking down the hallways that day with my life back in my hands was like walking into jeopardy and knowing all the answers. In your face, Trebek!