One Final Thank You From Senior KE Staff

As seniors are counting down the hours until we are done with high school forever, some of us are looking forward to never seeing the inside of BSM ever again. But in the midst of the chaos of finishing projects, taking finals, and attending graduation parties, it is difficult to reflect back on all that BSM has given us. Most of us came to BSM because of its Catholic affiliation  or superior academic record, but found that there was more to it than just that.

All too often we hear the word community said in some speech by some administrator, so much that we have become immune to it. But that is what BSM is, a community. Time after time, when a tragedy has touched one of our members, BSM has responded as a whole. Whether it be turning up to a funeral to show support, or teachers being understanding about missed tests and homework, when things are going completely wrong the BSM community has always risen to the occasion to help another in need.

Along with our community also comes a sense of belonging. In most schools it is easy to get lost in a sea of students, but in our hallways there is always someone who knows you. Where most teachers simply teach, our teachers care. Whether its coming into school at 7 am to be available for extra help, coaching sports, or even being there to listen to your troubles, BSM teachers always go above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure that their students succeed not only academically, but in all aspects of life.

Our smaller numbers also allow us to be more involved. At most schools making freshmen sports teams is extremely difficult even for some of the most talented players, but because we have a smaller school it is easy for us to makes sure everyone has a spot on a team.

Tomorrow when the bell rings at 2:30 most of the senior class will never have to worry about high school ever again, but before we walk out forever, we hope that we have left our own unique class hand print. This year BSM’s senior super fans have been there to cheer them on. This year’s seniors have not only been leaders on the field or in the class room, but also leading in school spirit. We hope that our crazy super fandom and enthusiasm for school spirit will be matched and exceeded by next year’s seniors.

While we all dash out gleefully tomorrow know that we are grateful for everything that BSM has given us.