Trisha Brown experiments with unique art form

Soft arms, distinctive movement, and expression through drawing converge as Trisha Brown takes the floor in her new exhibit Trisha Brown: So That the Audience Does Not Know Whether I Have Stopped Dancing. Trisha Brown, a renowned modern dance choreographer, has been practicing her art of dance for many years.
Born in 1936, she is well known for her revolutionary composition of body movement and smooth and flowing choreography. She focuses on her body as a vessel with varying centers. Brown takes this idea to the dance floor, inspiring her to develop new choreography and ways to express herself as she continues to stretch the limits of her body and mind.
While modern dance is her true passion, Brown has experimented with an alternative art form: drawing. Her interest in the art of composition carries onto paper. Recently, experimenting with different mediums, she has fused her two passions creating her own unique form of art. Laying on paper, Brown performs a dance while holding drawing tools, creating a unique work of art.
Brown’s exhibit, through July 20 at the Walker, will display works she created during performance.

rachael peck, twin cities scene editor