Six Senior Boys Compete for Mr. BSM Title; Chris Chacko prevails

Running really fast, singing, dancing, and chugging water were just a few of the talents showcased by the candidates at the Mr. BSM pageant.

In a tumultuous decision by the judges after some tough competition, Chris Chacko was named as this year’s Mr. BSM. “I’m very surprised and appreciative, I really felt that I developed a connection with the audience,” Chacko said.

The senior class was given ballots about a week and a half before the competition and voted for six senior boys who they believed best represented the qualities of BSM, with the exception of the Homecoming King and the Grand Knight. The candidates were Eddie Viehman, Jason Ferber, Adam Chorley, Thomas McCarthy, Jack Hogan, and Chris Chacko.

All of the candidates were excited about the competition and expressed their gratitude to the student body for considering them for the prestigious title. According to McCarthy, “history has shown that there is no greater honor than to be nominated for Mr. BSM. I consider myself to have great karma and a bit of luck.”

At the pageant, the candidates were judged in several different categories, including a brief modeling portion, a testimonial from a friend, a video interview with the parents of each candidate, and a talent portion.

The judges were seniors Rachel Jeffries and Molly Kelly-Goss and teachers Mrs. Lidibette Rosado-Guzman and Mr. Tom Backen.

This was the third year of the pageant, which was based on a similar competition at Wayzata called Mr. Wayzata. The contest is meant to be a “humorous, mock beauty pageant,” said senior organizer Courtney Johnson.

The event drew a large crowd of students, parents, and teachers who were eager to witness the hilarious antics of the candidates, their families, and their friends.

The other candidates seemed a bit crestfallen at the announcement of Chacko as Mr. BSM, but all were quick to congratulate him on the great honor.

Joe Kunitz, staff writer