Zeno Café serves up sweet treats

At first glance, this average sized concrete bistro, located at the corner of Lagoon and Hennepin, may not appear all that enticing. However, step inside Zeno Café  and quickly be energized by the upbeat music, cheerful staff, and delicious display of sweetened satisfactions.

First on the menu for post-dinner sweets is the delicious raspberry sucree. This is an almond bark ensemble, gently glazed with raspberry coulis and paired with vanilla ice cream. However, classics like the tableside flame torched crème brûlée, and the chocolate caramel truffle oozing with caramel and ganache, are also sure to please. Although all of these treats are delicious, the lava cake is the most coveted: “Our most popular dessert is the lava cake. If you have any desire for chocolate at all, you must get this,” said Blake, Zeno’s Manager.

Although these indulgences seem to steal the show, the unique ambiance of this café is equally impressive. By day, Zeno Café gives off a friendly vibe with its metallic stools, spiraling lights, and tiled walls, making it the ideal stop to “catch up with friends or read a book,” said Blake, Zeno’s manager. By night, this trendy food spot transforms into a romantic hideaway, dimly lit by romantic glass sconces and candles.

This bistro’s true success lies in the Zeno Café Miel, a hot beverage flavored with warm honey and cinnamon, perfectly accented with freshly made Zeno Espresso. Freshly brewed coffees, organic teas, and other morning fixes are also available, starting at just around three dollars a cup. In addition to these morning treats, the café offers a lunch and dinner menu complete with Italian paninis, fresh salads, and satisfying appetizers starting at just $8.  

sarah koller, staff writer