Gonzalez haunts listeners with beckoning voice

Sometimes one song can define an album, and unfortunately for Jose Gonzalez “Down the Line” was the one and only bright spot off of his new album In Our Nature. Coming off of his 2005 release Veneers, expectations were high for the Sweden born singer. With a haunting voice similar to underground star M. Ward, and his trademark solo classical guitar, Gonzalez could have been a force to be reckoned within the music industry. Instead, Gonzalez strayed from the soft acoustic sound found on Veneers and introduced drums and build-ups. With these instrumental build-ups came straining vocals from Gonzalez, and the formula that made Veneers so special was crushed in the process, leaving only “Down the Line” as a reminder of how good Jose Gonzalez could have been.


Ryan Shaver, staff writer