Stewart’s The Daily Show now available online

Any fan of The Daily Show or any other satirical show could spend hours on, browsing through the site’s impressive database.

It would be nice enough if the site just had all of the episodes, but you can also search for an episode or segment of an episode based on the guest or correspondent. For example, if you click on the “News Team” link, you can click on any one of The Daily Show’s current or former correspondents such as Rob Corddry, Steven Colbert, or Steve Carell and access every one of their pieces on the show.

You can even watch all of the “Even Stevphen” segments in which future celebrities Steve Carell and Steven Colbert, each Daily Show correspondents at the time, defined their on-screen characters –– Carell furthered his child-stuck-in-an-adult-body character and Colbert began his overly patriotic, satirical rants during these segments.

Say that you didn’t want to watch any of the correspondents, but you wanted to watch one of Jon Stewart’s interviews with John McCain or even an episode on April 21, 2004, you can find them on

Even though you have to watch a 15 second commercial before every clip, it’s a small price you don’t even have to pay to watch hours and hours of The Daily Show. The site is perfect for every Daily Show fan, and other nightly talk shows should adopt similar websites.

by Andy Lesser, staff writer