Experience Irish culture at The Local

A temporary vacation to Ireland can be found on Minneapolis’ own Nicollet Mall. Live music, cultural Irish food favorites, an inviting atmosphere, and a magnificent night view of the city make Minneapolis’ Irish Pub, The Local, one of the top rated in the city.

Step through the rough, wooden doors into this place of cherry oak woodwork, dim chandelier lighting, stone embellishments, and leather-covered corner booths. With Irish memorabilia or, what they call “bric-a-bracs,” on every wall and live Irish bands frequently playing, any diner will truly experience a taste of an authentic Irish Pub. From friendly servers, to traditional Irish food favorites, The Local stays true to its motto; “treat every customer so they cannot wait to come back.”

Although the atmosphere is enjoyable, the food is what evokes the true “Irish experience.” For starters, begin with a healthy Colors Of The Flag salad. Fully adorned with asparagus, pistachios, and creamy chevre on mixed greens, the true colors of the Irish flag are proudly represented in this tasty appetizer. Follow this salad with a classic Irish favorite, Shepherd’s Pie. With warm beef tips, simmered in red wine accompanied with fresh herbs and vegetables, all topped with mashed potatoes, customers of all nationalities will be begging for more. To fully satisfy those Irish taste buds, a hearty serving of Sausage & Potato Stew is recommended. This stew is filled to the top with three types of sausages, potatoes, beans, kale and veggies in a savory broth, making it a fulfilling choice for any customer.

When making a visit, don’t forget to ask about the day’s meal and Irish dessert specialties; often your server will read them off in an Irish accent.
Whether just coming along for the atmosphere, or a genuine Irish meal, The Local is the perfect dining location for a guaranteed good time.With new bands constantly performing, and food specialties created daily, no two experiences will be the same at this pub.

Sarah Koller, staff writer