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Now showing: MOA new theaters

Rachel Kaplan

October 28, 2008

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Six months ago, the movie theaters at Mall of America were filled with ratty, non-stadium seating, surly ushers, and outdated screens and speakers. After a long renovation, these less-than-desirable characteristics have been replaced... Read more »

Kings of Leon rule over the energized rock scene

Sean Buckhorn

October 20, 2008

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Continuing upon a trend developed on their previous album, southern rockers Kings of Leon have completely renovated their style. On their latest effort, Only by the Night, Kings of Leon mixes both power ballads and intense jams,... Read more »

‘Eagle Eye’: more like emu eye

Meredith Gallagher

October 14, 2008

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"You have been activated," a robotic woman's voice says from an unknown number on Jerry Shaw's cell phone, and Eagle Eye begins, but the promising thriller fails to deliver anything special to the big screen. The viewer will have no prob... Read more »

Battle with cancer inspires brilliant album

Rachel Kaplan

October 8, 2008

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Spending three years in the process of completing their long anticipated second album, Jack’s Mannequin has finally released The Glass Passenger, featuring 16 new tracks and two live versions of old songs, with darker sounds... Read more »

Spore disappoints gamers

connor gerdes

October 8, 2008

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One of the most hyped up video games of all time has finally been released after eight years of development. Yet gamers aren’t asking the question, “Did it live up to the hype?” They’re asking “Why are we treated like... Read more »

Flobots blend rap, rock, and politics

Mike Geer

September 26, 2008

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With powerful political lyrics and their infusion of rock and hip-hop, Flobots is a breath of fresh air to the music industry. Thanks to their roster which includes a classically trained violinist and a jazz trumpeter, their blend... Read more »

Wrinkled rockers create metal masterpiece

Connor Gerdes

September 22, 2008

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Metallica had a lot of work ahead of them to save their image after their group therapy produced St. Anger — They shelved Hammet's defining guitar solos, used what sounds to be a tin can for a snare, and traded Hetfield's growlin... Read more »

Coen Brothers Make a Meaningful Dark Comedy

Chloe Quinn

September 18, 2008

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The Coen brothers' new dark comedy Burn After Reading leaves the audience wondering "What just happened?" Regardless of the unclear plot, the directors use highly developed characters to hint at a deeper purpose. The story revol... Read more »

Stereotypical Comedy Still Funny

Rachel Kaplan

September 16, 2008

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Anyone going to see The Rocker, whose movie poster features a middle-aged, half-naked man, and expects to see a masterful film is sadly mistaken. Although it has been dubbed as a disappointment by critics, this summer movie serv... Read more »

A Shakesperean Masterpiece? No. Hilarious? Yes.

Elizabeth Tiffany

August 31, 2008

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After delighting audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Focus Features’ comedy Hamlet 2 comes to theaters bringing with it an array of silly—often crude—jokes and even more profane songs. Despite oftentim... Read more »

Mamma Mia: Laughable, For the Wrong Reasons

Elle Mohs

August 29, 2008

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The popular summer release Mamma Mia, directed by Phyllida Lloyd, was a cute, peppy musical, but definitely one of the worst to hit the big screen in a while. Musicals are supposed to have a little spunkiness to them unlike the... Read more »

BSM Graduate Creates Emotional Rap Album

August 27, 2008

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BSM graduate Jason Ferber, also known as Truth Himself, just released his second album, Play With Destiny, in August. The album was the perfect follow-up to his first album, Dreamland, and also the perfect farewell to the frie... Read more »

Animated Robot Captures Interest of All Humans

Andy Lesser

August 26, 2008

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Pixar Studios created a family-friendly reputation with its animated crowd-pleasers over the last decade, but Pixar's latest film, Wall-e, resembles more of a crowd-mesmerizer that doesn't just entertain a kid and his parents, b... Read more »

Teen Vampire Novel Delivers Romance and Thrills

Elizabeth Tiffany

August 25, 2008

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After months of waiting, teenage girls and women alike were finally able to get their hands on Stephanie Meyer's fourth and final installment to the extremely popular Twilight series: Breaking Dawn. With pre-orders well into ... Read more »

Step Brothers Delivers Laughs

Griffin Muckley

August 25, 2008

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In a movie by Adam McKay, the co-writer and director of Anchor Man, Talladega Nights, and the Youtube hit short The Landlord, it doesn't take audience members very long to shake their heads, smile, and ask themselves, "what did I... Read more »