BSM alum succeeds in journalism industry as TIME reporter

July 10, 2014

As Benilde-St. Margaret’s seniors endured their final days of high school before graduation, they prepare to move one step closer to getting jobs and becoming successful. Benilde-St. Margaret’s class of 2008 alum, Alexandra Sifferlin, is an example of this success; she has turned what was once a childhood ambition into an exciting reality. Sifferlin is now a health reporter for TIME Magazine, and has spent the last few years reporting on an assortment of health related issues. “I love being a health reporter because I like to think I’m doing a service. Health, medicine, and science impact everyone, and I get the most touching emails from readers,” said Sifferlin. At the age of... Continue Reading

Baseball team falls short to Armstrong in vital section game

June 4, 2014

The Benilde-St. Margaret’s baseball team made the trek to Siebert Field at the University of Minnesota to take on the Wayzata Trojans in a section playoff showdown. According to junior Connor Day, “Our team played well and with a lot of chemistry. We rebounded well from our loss last week.” The Trojans scored first with one player crossing the plate in the top half of the first inning; the Red Knights answered by scoring two runs in the bottom of the second. BSM senior Michael Kaminski threw a complete game, allowing only two runs over the course of seven innings as well as recording one RBI. Junior Tyler Wyvell along with seniors Keaton Studsrud and Christopher Racchini also contributed... Continue Reading

10 Things To Do Around Lake Calhoun

Going to the beach is one of the most popular pastimes of Lake Calhoun goers. Bring a towel and your sun block and head to either one of the two beaches of Lake Calhoun. (Keenan Schember, Megan Ortizcazarin)

10 Things To Do Around Lake Calhoun

June 5, 2014

The definitive ranking of BSM water fountains

Sophamore Gunnar Lundberg stops for a cool refreshing drink (Emily Larson)

The definitive ranking of BSM water fountains

June 3, 2014

As the days become longer and the heat index spikes, students often seek the comfort of a cool sip of water from one of the many selections of drinking fountains offered at BSM. But with so many to choose from, not all can claim the title of Most Popular Water Fountain. From dirty drains, leaky fountains, horrible locations and warm, iron-laced water,... Continue Reading

Boys SoccerTue, Aug 19 3:45 p.m.BlakeBlake Middle School
Girls SoccerTue, Aug 19 7 p.m.Holy AngelsHome
Boys SoccerThu, Aug 21 4 p.m.MarshallMarshall
Girls SoccerThu, Aug 21 7 p.m.Blake Blake Middle School
Boys SoccerTue, Aug 26 7 p.m.Eden PraireHome
FootballThu, Aug 28 7 p.m.Holy AngelsHoly Angels
Boys SoccerThu, Aug 28 4:30 p.m.St Paul AcademySt Paul Academy
Girls SoccerThu, Aug 28 7:30 p.m.MinnetonkaHome
Boys SoccerTue, Sep 02 7 p.m.OronoHome
Girls SoccerTue, Sep 02 5 p.m.OronoOrono HS
Boys SoccerThu, Sep 04 5 p.m.RochesterHome
FootballFri, Sep 05 7 p.m.ChaskaChaska HS
Click on any sport above to see a full schedule for that sport.
Click on any sport above to see a full schedule for that sport.

Irena Cich

Irena Cich

Sean Simonson, activities editor
May 24, 2011
Filed under Tremendous Twelve

For senior Irena Cich, the sciences are more than just a normal passion. Not only does she love physics, but she also enjoys advanced competitive science and AP Biology. From a very early age, Cich has loved engineering. “I went to a hippie school [for 1st grade]. During recess they would give... Read more »

Safe schools for All Bill should be passed

Sean Simonson, Activities editor
March 16, 2011
Filed under Opinions

I would like to think that the protection of all students regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender is universally desirable. However, after the state legislature passed the Safe Schools for All Bill in a bipartisan vote in 2009, our then-governor Tim Pawlenty decided that it wasn’t.... Read more »

2010 debate season starts

Sean Simonson
September 7, 2010
Filed under Activities

Headed by a new coach, social studies teacher Ms. Kathy Green, the debate team will be seeing many changes this year. The season will kick off on September 8, with a meeting and a practice open to anyone who is interested. The debate team plans to start moving away from BSM’s traditional Lincoln-Douglas... Read more »

College Fair

Sean SImonson
May 5, 2010
Filed under News

As the school year enters its final months, college fever enters the junior class with the college fair. Almost 120 schools were present at this year's fair which took place on April 20, and Benilde-St. Margaret's students visited representatives from schools from around the nation. This year, many... Read more »

Internet textbooks

Sean Simonson
April 19, 2010
Filed under News

With the introduction of laptops in the senior high next year, technology will change many standard tools of education, most namely, textbooks. Only a few classes in each department will shift entirely to online textbooks, but teachers are optimistic that more will make the change in the future. The... Read more »

Prom Coronation 2010

Sean Simonson
April 19, 2010
Filed under News, Student Life

As the end of April approaches, the upperclassmen are all buzzing about one thing: prom. This year’s prom is happening on April 24, 2010, with Grand March starting at 6:00 p.m. and, keeping with tradition, the buses returning students to Benilde- St. Margaret’s at midnight. Families and other guests... Read more »

Think you know your Facebook friends?

Katie McClurg, Addie Reine, and Sean Simonson, Katie McClurg, Addie Reine, and Sean Simonson
March 11, 2010
Filed under Features, Top Stories

The Facebook Experiment Are you friends with Claire Simmons or Ben Erickson on Facebook? Well guess what? They don't exist. The Knight Errant created two fake profiles as an experiment about students' online interactions with social networking. The two profiles had info about themselves,... Read more »

Pawlenty’s budget too stingy

Sean Simonson
March 9, 2010
Filed under Opinions

Facing a Minnesota budget deficit of almost $1.2 billion, Governor Tim Pawlenty's first reaction is to cut, cut, and cut some more. While on the surface a cut-spending-and-taxes tactic might appear to be beneficial, those who are hardest hit by the recession are also receiving the brunt of the program... Read more »

Winter Olympics

Sean Simonson
February 25, 2010
Filed under Opinions

Too few people take the time to support the men and women representing our county. No, I'm not talking about the soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan, though they don't receive proper recognition from the American people either, but rather those proud athletes in the winter Olympic games. The winter Olympics... Read more »

Valentine’s Day: depressing and shameless

Sean Simonson
February 3, 2010
Filed under Opinions

Every year, at the end of January, as chocolate roses take their annual place next to every cash register, I dread the start of the worst holiday season of all: Valentine's Day. Yet another example of a Christian tradition, originating from the martyr St. Valentine, gone secular (and not in a good way)... Read more »

Comic books in English class?

Sean Simonson
January 18, 2010
Filed under News

English classes typically force students to read books filled to the brim with text, not pictures. But this year, the graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman joins literary classics like Lord of the Flies and Macbeth in the 10th grade English curriculum, much to the enjoyment of teachers and students alike.... Read more »

One-to-one laptop program to begin next year

Sean Simonson
January 5, 2010
Filed under News

Many thought that it would never happen, but starting next year, every student at Benilde-St. Margaret's will be given a school-owned Apple laptop computer. The one-to-one laptop program will imitate the current junior high program and is designed to prepare students for technology that they will encounter... Read more »

Living the rockstar life at NCYC

Sean Simonson
December 11, 2009
Filed under News, Student Life

As everyone in the stadium lifted their cell phones into the air and swayed back and forth, the crowd of 21,000 people at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri focused all their attention on a group of 12 BSM students. From November 18 to November 22, this group of BSM students led the 2009 National... Read more »

New internet access for students

Sean Simonson
November 29, 2009
Filed under News

Starting in November, students will be able to access BSM's wireless Internet with their own laptops brought from home. The idea is to arm every student with their own username and password, giving them access to the Internet, while outsiders would be denied. But the technology department only wants... Read more »

Future Problem Solvers

Sean Simonson
November 28, 2009
Filed under Activities, Student Life

A new activity has been added to the Benilde-St. Margaret's roster this year: Future Problem Solvers. Headed by Ms. Kathryn Green, FPS is intended to prepare students for 21st century problems by teaching them how how to think, not what to think. Participants work by themselves or on teams of three... Read more »

BSM’s unhealthy habits

Emily Busch, Meredith Cannon, Dann Fry, and Sean Simonson, Emily Busch, Meredith Cannon, Dann Fry, and Sean Simonson
November 23, 2009
Filed under Features, Student Life, Top Stories

Too Many Activities Spending an average of almost 13 hours on activities every week while still maintaining her high GPA, junior Francesca Sifferlin participates in 16 different activities this semester. On a normal day many students like Sifferlin run from one activity to the next,... Read more »

Masses of students too sick to go to school

Sean Simonson
November 2, 2009
Filed under News

With only the healthy students remaining at school, the reduced traffic in the hallways is one of the major indicators of the H1N1 pandemic at Benilde-St. Margaret's. The student body was hit hard this last week, with a peak of about 250 students out sick on Tuesday, October 27. Such a high number has... Read more »

America’s absurd obsession with lawns

Sean Simonson
October 26, 2009
Filed under Opinions

As the settlers began moving West, they reportedly encountered purple mountain majesties and amber waves of grain instead of immaculate, ankle-high, waste-of-two-hours-of-my-Saturday that is often referred to as a lawn. But the problem is not just my lawn; it’s the 23 million acres of lawns in... Read more »

Bruce Willis’s latest action-thriller “Surrogates”; a lot of flare, little substance

Sean Simonson
October 22, 2009
Filed under Movie Reviews

Experiencing life from the comfort of one's own living room without having to risk injury or disease––all while having the body of your dreams––is a fantasy often dreamed about. The latest sci-fi thriller "Surrogates" takes place in a world where everyone lives safely in their bedrooms when the... Read more »

English department parts with tradition

Sean Simonson
October 6, 2009
Filed under News

Returning students may be shocked to hear of a change beyond imagination: Mr. Wallestad is teaching regular freshman English. More shockingly, he's not the only teacher participating in the English Department's attempts to shuffle things up; others are also dabbling in some new courses. Many Benilde-St.... Read more »