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Ryan Lawyer – Diversions Editor
Ryan Lawyer is the ideal man. He has the perfect body for all activities imaginable for the above average 16 year old boy. Ryan Lawyer chuckles at the sight of “ripped” men on the beach, he simply outdoes them with his irresistible 7 pack (it’s possible). He has gorgeous blue eyes with a brown fleck painting the image of an island in the deep blue sea. Most people wear their outfits, but Ryan Lawyer, he rocks them. Crocs are his shoe of choice on most “regular” days. But to Ryan Lawyer, “regular” is a relative term. Regular compared to the time he caught a bullet out of thin air?, or regular compared to the time he created a World War Three? No man will ever be able to live up to the legacy of Ryan Lawyer, but we can all strive to live in his footsteps; after all, he is the ideal man.

Ryan Lawyer, Diversions Editor

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